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I'm  Evan Vickers.

As a lifelong resident of southern Utah, I know first-hand the unique needs of our area, as I grew up here, I've raised my family here, and I've built successful businesses here and employ nearly 50 people. This area, and the great people who live here, made me who I am and have given me and my family so much. I am very proud to call southern Utah my home. 

I am running for reelection to ensure southern Utah continues to have a strong advocate at the state level in the Utah Legislature. I will continue to fight for local control of our lands, and help our economy and local businesses thrive by lowering taxes and cutting away government bureaucracy and red tape. Southern Utah is the best place in all the world to live and raise a family, and I will continue to work extremely hard on your behalf to keep it that way as your State Senator.

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Water use, local control, education, the economy...these issues and many more are extremely important to me. Just as important to me is your feedback on them. Please take the time to read where I stand on the issues that affect you here in southern Utah. If you have a different perspective, please reach out to me as I'd love to talk with you.

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One thing I am well-known for as a leader is my accessibility, so if you have a question about my stance on the issues or would like to provide your feedback, please fill out the form below.

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